Drain Cleaning

Extreme working conditions do not scare Elite Liquid Waste, they excite us.
Blocked pipes can lead to flooding, damage to drainage infrastructure, not to forgetting to mention surrounding properties. These days a sound preventative maintenance program can save you a lot of money and headaches in the long run.
Ensuring drains are clear of debris and are structurally sound is essential for new works such as housing estates and new roads prior to handover.
Elite Liquid Waste provides drain cleaning services to councils, plumbers, civil and private contractors, engineers and homeowners across Southeast Queensland. We specialise in new construction, pre and post build, and existing drain maintenance.
Our Combination Units are brand new and equipped with the latest state of the art technology. These trucks can move a large amount of debris in little time.
Elite Liquid Waste can complement this service by offering CCTV in conjunction with drain cleaning for pipe and culvert inspections, effectively a one stop shop for all your reporting requirements.

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