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How Do We Fix Blocked Drains?

With ELW, you will get comprehensive blocked drain services. Here’s what these entail:



A thorough visual inspection is the first part of the process. Our knowledgeable team members will check out the condition of the drains to determine whether a blockage has occurred and if it has – exactly where the problem is located.

Next, whenever required, we will use our drain camera service that guarantees further accuracy and assess the condition of the drain. The ELW team employs a drain accessing camera (CCTV) to do an internal visual inspection. When such a procedure is completed professionally, it can point out three things – the exact location of the blockage, its cause and any damages. Our camera is fully waterproof and can go down any kind of stormwater or sewer pipe. Both live video and images can be produced during such an inspection and you’ll get to see such evidence of a blockage.

We recommend an internal inspection before each drain cleaning solution is employed. When looking inside, we can do comprehensive diagnostics to get an accurate idea of drain health and the solution that’s bound to deliver the best results.


Once the inspection is completed, our knowledgeable professionals will report on the specifics of the situation and the next steps that will have to be employed.

A camera can pinpoint the exact cause of a drain blockage. A few of the issues that will commonly contribute to such a problem include dirt or organic buildup (hair, grease, oil, paper products, wipes), mineral buildup, objects stuck inside the drain and even tree roots. Accumulation of outdoor debris and flooding can also cause clogging. While you could guess what the cause is, only a professional internal inspection will give you a specific answer and a course of action that can eliminate the particular blockage.


We can handle all kinds of blockages, including the stubborn ones that aren’t going to disappear through the DIY approach. Depending on the nature of the blockage, we’re going to engage in the following steps:

  • Routine drain cleaning to get rid of small blockages before these become a major issue.
  • For more serious blockages, high-pressure water is guided through a flexible hose with a nozzle to clear most kinds of blockages. This process is effective due to its water pressure that can cut through tree roots.
  • For large waste blockages in sewer pipes or stormwater drainage ELW can remove and vacuum them out of the system. Our specialised liquid waste team will then transport them to appropriate EPA waste treatment disposal points to minimise the impact on the environment.

We recommend routine clean-ups – letting the situation escalate will lead to more complex and costly unblocking/clearing projects. Still, we can handle big emergencies and significant blockages regardless of their location. Our know-how and equipment guarantee precision, effectiveness and excellent results every single time.

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Why Choose Elite Liquid Waste


We’ve worked on hundreds of blocked drains throughout the years, pinpointing problem specifics and recommending courses of action bound to deliver the best results. In addition, we possess the vehicles and equipment required to handle even the most challenging of blockages.

Reliable & Fast Service

We can handle any emergency – call us regardless of the day and the hour. As a small, owner-operated company, Elite Liquid Waste prides itself in our rapid response and instant service availability. Don’t wait for a situation to escalate – get in touch with us as soon as possible.

24/7 Availability

Are you dealing with an emergency in the middle of the night? During the holiday season? Don’t worry and call Elite Liquid Waste. We’re ready to handle drain blockages and other urgent issues every single day of the week.

Customer Feedback

Elite Liquid Waste always aims to deliver the best quality services to our customers. Read what our customers have to say about us below!

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Darryl HallDarryl Hall
09:09 09 Dec 20
Great company to deal with. Got the job done with minimal input.Highly recommend for waste removal.
Mitch JessenMitch Jessen
12:27 24 May 20
Alex VAlex V
23:59 24 Feb 19
Great service, was quick and easy to deal with.
Silas CooperSilas Cooper
21:45 07 Jan 19

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