The average age of our general purpose vacuum pumping trucks is 28 months. The average age of the specialised vehicles detailed below is under 12 months. These statistics are a significant but often an overlooked advantage to our clients. It means that we run a modern fleet of vehicles with equally modern, technically advanced, accessorised equipment giving minimal problems and down time. Importantly for you – our customer – it means we can deliver an efficient, effective and rapid service resulting in a reduced time-out charge.

8000ltr 4 x 4 WD HINO With Jet Rodder

A special purpose high ground clearance, 4 x 4, go anywhere vac pump truck capable of accessing the most difficult of sites. This truck is fitted with a large pump and a jet rodder unit for small drain cleaning along and also has a high pressure water blaster for cleaning and breaking up hard to move waste.

3000ltr Low Level Access Mini Tanker

Our 2.1-meter-high baby tanker is perfect for carparks, laneways and those hard to access jobs.
With 3000 litre capacity it’s safe to say you’ll be saving money. Most of these types of vehicles in the industry are 1800 litres which require more trips for those larger jobs.
Attach one of our Semi Tankers with this unit and no job is too big or difficult.
These vehicles also have water to wash down and or clean up.

Volvo Cappellotto Drain Cleaner

Probably the most sophisticated multi-tasking vehicle in the fleet. Fitted with a high pressure jet rodder unit that can detect drain blockages utilizing an assortment of specialised tools to remove those blockages – be it tree roots, hardened cement, packed silt or an array of foreign matter. The truck is also set as a vacuum excavation unit capable of safely unearthing and exposing underground cabling, pipes and other subterranean services.

Semi Tanker

Bulk Liquid waste removal for those larger quantities 28,000 ltrs


Cappellotto (Combo) and its van which is the CCTV Van that usually works side by side with the Combo’s.

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