Elite Liquid Waste vacuum pump truck for transportation and disposal.

Liquid Waste Disposal

Elite Liquid Waste specialises in the disposal of both residential and commercial liquids such as grease trap waste, oils, wash water, coolants, septic waste, drum waste, solvents and various others. There are strict legislative frameworks pertaining to how correct disposal should happen. This type of waste cannot go into the general waste stream and needs to be handled carefully.

Common Types of Liquid Waste We Handle

Elite Liquid Waste has been reputable in our Queensland community for managing several types of liquid waste:

Grease trap waste

Common in the food and beverage industry, this type of liquid waste consists of food and beverage residues, as well as oil build-up. If such waste is disposed of in the sewer, it can contribute to massive blockages.

Septic waste

A septic tank system treats and disposes of sewage waste. Septic tanks have to be pumped and cleaned periodically due to their limited storage capacity.

Oily liquid waste

Elite Liquid Waste can separate this kind of waste into oil and water. The water can then be discharged in the sewer while the oil may be turned into a resource.

Hazardous waste

There are several options for disposal of hazardous waste. Reducing the amount of waste at its source or recycling the material for another productive use is most desirable.Reduction and recycling are desirable options, but they are the definitive solution to the problem of hazardous waste disposal. There is always a need to process, store or dispose of a certain amount of hazardous waste.

Coolant and antifreeze

Used coolant can contain heavy metals and other dangerous compounds. ELW’s specialists are trained to collect and recycle coolant/anti-freeze in order to make the process 100% safe.


This common liquid waste could contain human, animal and metabolic waste. The disposal of untreated wastewater can have a devastating effect on nature due to the presence of petroleum, heavy metals, toxins, surfactants and others.

Liquid Waste Management Solutions

As liquid waste contractors with extensive experience, we’re capable of offering an array of comprehensive solutions and assistance that involves collection, specialised transportation, storage recycling, and disposal of liquid waste. ELW can also offer consulting services, helping businesses introduce more effective liquid waste management practices.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Small tanks require regular maintenance to prevent the accumulation of harmful toxins that can disrupt the crucial bacteria responsible for waste breakdown. At Elite Liquid Waste (ELW), we understand the significance of proper septic tank cleaning and maintenance. Our expertise and specialised equipment enable us to handle this essential task efficiently. Whether it’s pump-out septic tank services or disposal of septic waste, we’ve got you covered. Serving areas like Ipswich, Brisbane, Caboolture, we ensure that your septic tank is thoroughly cleaned and maintained to prevent any potential blockages.