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Drain and Pipe Problems we can solve

Our CCTV Drain Camera can inspect the cause of a wide range of pipe and drain blockages, including:

  • Tree root intrusion & blockage
  • Cracks or breaks in the drain or pipe
  • Crushed drains or pipe collapse
  • Pipe sagging
  • Debris build-up
  • Misaligned drain joins

Blocked stormwater drain cause serious flood on the street.

OUR ACCREDITEDInspection Process


The staff is operating Elite Liquid Waste's CCTV van equipped with the most advanced CCTV camera and technology to identify the drain issues for the client.


Sewer inspection with a CCTV camera


Elite Liquid Waste's truck operator is operating the specialised vacuum equipment to clean up the blockage of the drain.


Inspect, record, and map out the solution without damaging the pipe or drain.



We can survey pipes from as small as 150mm up to larger than 1500mm, which covers all common commercial dwellings. Here are some examples of commercial and industrial facilities and the pipe sizes that may be required for their drainage systems:

  • Restaurants and cafes: Pipe sizes range from 100mm to 300mm
  • Shopping malls and supermarkets: Pipe sizes range from 150mm to 600mm
  • Hotels and resorts: Pipe sizes range from 150mm to 600mm
  • Hospitals and medical facilities: Pipe sizes range from 100mm to 600mm
  • Manufacturing plants and factories: Pipe sizes range from 300mm to 1500mm or larger
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    WinCan: Detailed Reporting

    Our detailed WinCan maps out points of interest in an easy to understand format and will document defects, intrusions, joints, junctions and connections with high-quality photos, videos and information. The images can be stored for future reference, such as for use during later cleaning services. This is ideal for estate agents or owners who have to manage multiple properties at the same time.


    High Industrial Standards

    All work completed by Elite Liquid Waste is carried out in accordance with the WSAA standard and can be customised to suit the requirements of the council or authority requesting the information.

    Frequently AskedQuestions

    • How much do you charge for the CCTV drain inspection service?

      There are a variety of factors that influence CCTV drain inspection costs, including the depth of the pipe, accessibility and inspection standard required. Though we recommend that price not be a deciding factor when seeking efficient and effective commercial plumbing services, Elite Liquid Waste clients don’t need to stress about cost with our $0 callout fee. We can also perform onsite assessments before requiring any payment details.

    • What can I expect from a drain camera inspection?

      Drain inspection cameras are a relatively new, but industry-changing technology, which allow experts to develop an informed and cost-effective solution. CCTV Drain Cameras allow experts to perform in-depth inspections by viewing your pipes or drains without having to physically be underground.

      CCTV Drain Inspection cameras travel through drains or pipes, while transmitting footage to the plumber above. Elite Liquid Waste uses this footage to identify problem areas in your drains or pipes – such as blockages, corrosion, cracks, leaks or other issues. Our hardworking professionals utilise this information to provide you with the best solution for your issue.

    • How does drain camera work?

      Though they may seem like an overly technical solution, drain inspection cameras are a safe and effective method of providing difficult services to our clients. The process is easy:
      1. Meet our qualified technician – one of our CCTV Drain Camera operators will inspect your building to identify access points which provide the easiest manoeuvrability through your pipe or drain.
      2. Entering the drain – Our technician will then insert the camera into the opening of your problem pipe or drain, and begin to feed the camera further through the drain. At this time, the camera will begin recording and will display on the technician’s screen. Your technician will then utilise the full visibility of the camera to begin inspecting your drain.
      3. Identifying the issue – Our camera operator will examine and analyse the camera footage, easily identifying any issues or problems such as blockages, cracks, leaks or corrosion.
      4. Fixing the issue – From here, our technician will provide you with an efficient and cost effective solution, which a commercial plumber can then carry out for you. This removes any guess work on the plumber’s behalf, and ensures a risk-free experience for you and your property.
      5. Read about it – Following the CCTV Drain Camera inspection, one of our qualified technicians will provide you with a detailed report identifying all issues and potential solutions. This leaves you with peace of mind and a sense of security knowing the full extent of any issue.

    • Why use a CCTV drain camera?

      Using a CCTV drain camera allows Elite Liquid Waste Management to identify specific or complex issues that previously would go undiagnosed. This allows us to minimize the damage caused by drain or pipe blockages, corrosion, or leaks, thus effectively solving your issue. The maneuverability and size of our CCTV drain camera also allow us to identify small issues and stop them from escalating before they cause major, long-term damage.

      Plus there are added benefits! The high-tech, HD, colour images can help identify treasures lost down your drain, such as jewellery or small toys.

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